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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Agenda - Debno

First step:
Getting to know each other, mainly the pupils,
showing us the presentations of school, town, country -
but remember (Kiss) keep it small and simple!!

Second step:
Matching up the Timelines  what's important for all of us,
 what's not that important to be told in our Musical.
 We need a long piece of paper in our working room with
 the years and then we can decide together (Do you want
 to do this work together with all teachers and pupils
 or only teachers or only pupils?)

Third step:
We divide the timeline into six parts or we choose the
events every group want to edit or arrange.
(perhaps we will have 24 events / scenes, then every
group will overtake 4 events or scenes)

Fourth step:
We make 6 groups always teachers and pupils from one country
(so we can discuss the scenes in our mother tongues, that's
much easier for the pupils.) For this work I will bring with
me some game components (like a map of Europe, tokens, etc.)
then you can visualize the scenes on the table a little bit.
That might help to realize what will happen on the stage.
You can write down the scenes in your mother tongue while
one teacher is translating the text in English. (Do you want
to do this work digitally or handwritten?) We have prepared
the beginning of the Musical as we have talked about in Klaipeda.
(Please in this phase don't think and talk a lot
about stage decoration or music we will have separate meetings
for this work. Only the texts are important now.

Fifth step:
We put together all scenes in English and copy them to one whole
Musical. Then we can have a first reading rehearsal with all of
our pupils. Every country takes the English version with them
(digitally or handwritten?) and between the meetings you can
translate it completely in your own language and try to improve
it or make it more fit for your country.

Sixth step:
Only the coordinators will talk about the interim report, evaluation
I have now a form for evaluation and budget control. Until now there
is no form or date for the interim report in Germany.

As I said, it is a lot to do, but I hope we will have a lot of fun
and at the end we can be proud of the result of our work

Best wishes Susanne