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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Agenda - Kayseri

First step:
Getting to know the new delegation members among teachers and students
(playful actions ?!), presentations if available, please dear coordinators, if you want to
present something, perhaps sing a song&xnbsp;or show a movie tell it to Ahmed and Susanne (2 - 3 hrs.)

Second step:
Text work: second text version in English and how do the individual countries deal with it?
We (Johannes and Susanne) propose: as free as possible!
Report from the rehearsals in Germany,
Instruction book,
perhaps refugees must have a bigger part in our musical and a lot of other things must be deleted.
(about 3 - 4 hours)

Third step:
Competition: Join us and Move -&xnbsp; title theme, How do you think we can do that?
Do you remember, we took this as a homework from our last meeting. Who has succeeded to compose a
song? Please, tell it to Ahmed and Susanne.

Then I will ask all six delegations about their vision of music in the play:
Canned music, singing to taped music,&xnbsp; all done by ourselves, fashioned old songs. Mix of
everything, Each country should make a statement about their own possibilities and expectations.

Suggestions for music, Purpose discussion,
these are all things that make the teacher without students, but the student should urgently
be involved, what songs you like? and they should teach each other songs in the foreign
languages!? (4 - 5 hrs.)
Warning: I (Susanne) don't lead a choir, I have no notes and no texts in my luggage, I'm not a music teacher ;-).

Fourth step:
Only Coordinators: Evaluation first year, reports to the National Agencies, next meeting.
(1 - 2 hours)

I am quite nervous when I write this agenda, because I cannot guide the third step. Is there
anybody who wants to take over the responsitiliy for this part?

Best wishes Susanne