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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Valuation of the National Agency

General: The project is placed in a perspective that goes beyond the project period. It plans to achieve a multiplier effect and sustainable impact that is within its reach considering the scope and size of the project. Nevertheless a couple of aims for the future are less concretely measurable or not easy to be operationalized.
One of the strongest arguements for the project will be the experience gathered by the students during the work with their partners from abroad. This should be pointed out in the same way as the result that is supposed to be performed in a lot of places. If it will work to publish the musical and the results of the project in a larger scale, this will be a benefit not only for the partners.
The methods of evaluation are well planned and the risks of the cultural mixture and the large amount of work to be done in time are possibly to controll without too much frictions. The results of the project are difficult to evaluate during the course of the project. After the performance one will have the possibility to evaluate the project finally.
While some of the targets are general and not very operational determinable, the implemantation itself is a win in the framework of European cooperation.
The strongest argument for the project is the experience the students undergo during the work, the training and the final performance.

Our Erasmus-Project is one of 63 projects that can be funded of all applications in Germany in 2014.