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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Impressions of the Meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Entrance of our partner school in Klaipeda

Welcome to everybody

Pupils singing

for us


giving bread

to the coordinator.

Getting to know each other

Soner, Achmet, Cüneyt

Olga, Michele

Antonio, Bogusiawa, Anna

Antonio, Inga

Anna, Inga

Inga, Josefa

Cüneyt, Achmet, Inga


At work

In a classroom

Labas! Hello!

Olgas classroom

The latin alphabeth

Informatic room

A proud collection of sports trophies

Inga working in her office

More classrooms

Boxes for schol material

Russian schoolbook

School blazer


Another class

European decoration

Class rules

More class rules

Writing exercise

In the assembly hall

In the canteen


in the old town of Klaipeda

Michele in the Frederico Passage


Dragon with foot steps as a symbol for the name of Klaipeda

Please, listen carefully!

Amber booth

Main place with Ännchen von Tharau

Auspicious mouse

Auspicious cat

K and D buildings - landmark of Klaipeda




Bogusiawa, Anna - singing the National Anthem of Poland

At the end of our first day in Klaipeda

Klaipeda at night

Next day again at work: Cüneyt and Antonio

Gabijos - Logo

Our teacher in intercultural cooperation

At the ethno-cultural center of Klaipeda

We saw different traditional instruments...

and could try by ourselfs.

We had

a lot of


as you can see.

At the restaurant Katpedele

Back to work on the third day

The table with all mobilities

Rosa with body book

Guests at the Tourism school of Klaipeda

Looking forward to a good meal

Anna recording all the time

The leader of the tourism school and Anja beginning served by students

Delicious menue..

cooked by the students.

Our guides through the school

In the kitchen

In the class room

In the classroom

Back at the Gabijos school at the fourth day

Visit of a Lithuanian lesson: Choosing groups

Old pupils at the back of the classroom

More of them

Time to work alone

Work sheet for group presentation

Presentation at the board

Summary of the rules

Test with self evaluation

Results after 45 minutes

Visit at the town hall

of Klaipeda

The hole group

The assistant of the Major


Susanne with Inga at the parc of Palanga

In the Amber Museum of Palanga

At the beach of the Baltic Sea...

at a rainy day of November

The famous sea bridge of Palanga at the time of sunset.

The menue at the HBH Restaurant

Soner and Michele

Polish, Italian and Turkish teacher singing together

Antonio and Soner

Last day: Visiting the harbour

Waiting on the ferry: Anna and Achmet

The sea museum on the Curonian spit

Plastic, Papaer, Glass and Bogusiawa

At the dolphinarium

At the dolphinarium

At the dolphinarium

At the dolphinarium

At the dolphinarium

Aleyna thank you for the photos

Happy at the last evening together in Klaipeda

All pictures made by Aleyna Köse.