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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Impressions of the Meeting in Kayseri, Turkey

Arrival at the Airport in Kayseri

Hotel Room at the Hilton

Atatürk on Horse Monument

Mosque Bürüngüz

Mainstreet with ...

Fish Market ...

and Shopping Mall


Mosque and ...

main Place at night

Oh, what ...

a beautiful morning

Oh, what ...

a wonderful start.

Foyer of our Hotel

Arrival at school

Osman Ulubas Anadolu Lisesi

Pupils on the school yard

All Ottoman rulers at a glance


Welcome of the Headmaster and Achmet

Turkish Dances

Turkish Music

Decoration in our working room

Susanne and Johannes from Germany

Lithuanian Music

and Dances

Achmet, our best friend

Foyer of the school - very welcoming

No German Music - Sorry

Italian Music

Come feel the groove

Antonio, from Italy

Pedro, from Spain

Barbara, from Poland

Dancing all together at the first day

Jo, from Spain

Roberto and Joana

Olga, Rita and Ausra, from Lithuania

Rosa with Castanets and Ali

Aleyna, Germany, and a Chemistry teacher from Turkey

Our personal cups

Lunch ...

at school


former Medical Univercity




Old Mosque inside

Beautiful Parcs

Typical Cheese

Hilton Hotel


Coffee and Tea break



on water

and the result

Aleyna reads coffee grounds

The second day starts busy in Kayseri

On the left side and below the Erciyes Dagi

From the top of the Hotel

Roberto and Pierre

Good bye, most photos made by Aleyna, some by Susanne