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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Report of our Work in Brussels, Belgium

After great difficulties in financing a meeting for an entire week in Brussels, the secret capital of the European Union, the Spaniards traveled only for at least 4 days and we, the Germans, for two days. To be in Brussels as long as possible, we started at 6:30 clock in the morning on Wednesday. With the ICE it was only an hour from Aachen to Brussels. The hotel was in this case an apartment house (in a shopping center). Four apartments for 14 participants, three teachers and 11 students and 14 Spaniards, four teachers and 10 students. After arriving we went from the Grote Markt / Grand Place on an extensive city tour. Meanwhile the Spaniards had a meeting with their MP from Andalusia in the European Parliament. After lunch we visited together the Atomium. After a long aberration through the city we finally found the restaurant where a long table was reserved for us. With a 3-course meal all came closer and the teacher discussed important details on how to proceed in Poland. Very beautiful was the central square at midnight lighting, but the students all wanted to go to bed very quickly, after what felt like 25 km walk through town.

On Thursday, we had a self made breakfast and then all went back going along at 9:00 clock to Parlamentarium, a multimedia, interactive museum on the history of the European Union. Unfortunately, the students were very tired and the museum very crowded. Annamaria Szontagh, didactic leader of the Parlamentarium, welcomed us (Josefa Montila and Susanne Gründler), because we had made them aware of our project. She would like to support us and could imagine that the DVDs with our musical in seven languages ​​could get there a little special place for some time. Let's see if it really is that good. After a lunch break was waiting Petra Kammerevert, the European Parliamentarian of Mönchengladbach from the SPD for us. She told of her work as a politician in the Committee on Culture and Education. Then we were still in the Chamber, where there are booths for simultaneous interpretation for all EU languages. The simultaneous translators determine the length of sessions and earn a lot of money. The Spaniards brought us to the station after wards. About 21:00 clock we were back in MG. We look forward to seeing you again in May in Poland.