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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Report of our Work in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Monday: Getting to know each other

Tuesday: School Systems and Intercultural Cooperation

Wednesday: Detailed presentation of our Musical

First Rule: Keep It Small and Simple (KISS)

Beginning: Black stage, loud music like “Rammstein”, gun shots, explosions, bombs, war noise, 30 actors on stage dressed in black trousers and black T-Shirts, fighting against each other with baseball bats (soft!), falling down one after another. Music stops.

Someone shouts: No more war! Stop that war! Live in peace! (Very easy sentences!)

Six actors get up, pulling of their black T-Shirts ( then they have T-shirt from which you can recognize the countries of the actors (FR, IT, DE, NL. BE. LX) ) They can shortly present themselves: I am Italy, I am Germany, ….or with easy sentence like “I am Germany I have lost the war.” All other actors dressed in black are waiting in the background (chorus) for their time to join.

The six all together: What do we need now? We need new houses. We need new streets, We need energy. We need coal and steel. We have to work together. They put their hands together and make a contract: “We will work together.” Song something like “Imagine” from John Lennon.

In the background of the stage you see a big screen and with a beamer performed the map of Europe. All countries white but the 6 first members of the European Economic Community in Blue with yellow stars and the year 1957.

and so on...

We will choose the most important events in the history of European Union until now, the extensions, the quarrels, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Baltic Way, the Fall of the Wall in Germany, the Euro, the bank crisis, the Nobel Peace Prize, the refugees from Africa, …

We will all work together on the storybook in English, the music, the lyrics, the stage decoration, the costumes, the presentation on the screen, but in every school the pupils have to play every role and every country, the texts will not be in English but in their own language. Every country has to translate our common version.

The actors are not the politicians of their countries but they represent the people. They can demonstrate, quarrel, vote, dance, sing, …

At the end their might be open questions about the future of the European Union and its role in the World politics.

Our product is not only the presentation of the Musical on stage in six countries and a DVD with the recorded Musical. We have to create an Instruction Book ”How to realize the Musical in any school at any European country.

Thursday: Organization Items

Dictionary should be ready until we meet in Brussels. Please sent your word lists (round about 50 words or phrases to Susanne)

What was our special role in European history? Please discuss this point in your Erasmus-Team and with the pupils who will come to Brussels.

Start visiting the facebook side “Join us and Move” with your pupils to make first contact. Skype-Conferences with pupils over SmartBoards.

Evaluation: Spain will look for Questionnaire.

Poland will change the “Magazine” to a Movie about our project.

Please contact your members of the European Parliament for a visit when we are in Brussels.

The trip to Brussels, we try to organize with smaller groups and only 4 nights in a Youth Hostel Meiniger. Email and phone numbers are collected and distributed by Anja.

Dates of the meetings:

Brussels: Monday, 16th of March to Friday, 20th of March 2015

Debno, Poland: Sunday, 17th of May to Saturday, 23rd of May 2015

Kayseri, Turkey: Sunday, 18th of October to Saturday, 24th of October 2015

Ariano Irpino, Italy: Sunday, 17th of January to Saturday, 23th of January 2016

Castro del Rio, Spain: Sunday, 6th of March to Saturday, 12th of March 2016

Mönchengladbach, Germany: At the end of May 2016. The School Theatre Festival is from 30th of June to the 3rd of July.

Friday: All work done