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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Report of our Work in Debno, Poland

On Sunday all delegations arrived in Debno. The students went to their host families and the teachers to a Hotel in Brzesko.

Monday: We started with “getting to know each other” at school. Then we watched the presentations of schools and cities of all partner schools and a movie about the history of Poland. The gym was decorated with flags and posters to Erasmus. We heard some music and were welcomed by the headmaster. After a break the pupils went to their lessons and the teachers had a informative walk through the school. We had lunch at the Canteen. And learned: Polish lunch always starts with a soup. Then we had a meeting with the Major at the town hall. He showed us a movie about Debno and the surroundings. Students and teachers got some souvenirs. In the afternoon the teachers worked on the time-line for our musical and divided it in 6 parts for the text work at the next day. In the meantime parents, students and Polish teachers prepared the pic-nick outside of the school. After the barbeque with a lot of delicious salads and cakes for dessert the students started to dance on the lawn. It was an unbelievable good first common evening!

Tuesday: In the morning the most important work started with the distribution of the materials to visualize the scenes of our Musical. Every group of teachers and students of one country worked on the text of the Musical on their own hoping that all parts in the end will match quite well. The work was hard, loud and funny. And after some busy hours all groups have succeeded a raw version of their period written down in their own language and partially already in English. Then we had lunch at school before leaving with the bus to the salt mine of Bochnia.

Wednesday: We spent the whole day in Krakow! A very enthusiastic guide showed us the Wawel Hill with the Wawel Royal Cathedral and the Courtyard of the Royal Castle. Then we went to the most important landmark of Krakow: the Dragon Statue. After wards we saw the Kazimierz Jewish District, the Szeroka Street, some Synagogues and the Jewish Square. Across a vivacious street we came back to the Old Town and it was getting warmer and warmer. We saw the University District, the John Paul’s II Window and at least the Main Market Square with St. Mary's Basilica, the Cloth Hall and Town Hall Tower. Then we had some free time to relax, eat and drink and to buy some souvenirs. We all got an awesome impression of the Krakow of today and of its history.

Thursday: In morning the teachers had the opportunity to visit some lessons. Then we met again to work together on our Musical. We presented our periods starting with Italy 1945 - 1963, Germany 1964 - 1974, Spain 1975 – 1985, Lithuania 1986 – 1996, Poland 1996-2004 and Turkey 2005 – 2025. We were very surprised by the good work of all groups. So we had an extraordinary good basis to get on with ameliorating some details. After lunch at school we were driven to a can factory and got a guided tour. At least we spent some time in the center of Brzesko.

Friday: In morning the teachers had the opportunity to visit some lessons. The students and the teacher could experience themselves as sculptors. Our base material was soap, but it was not easy. After lunch at school we were driven to some place around Debno: a church with amazing paintings at the wall, the cemetery, a wonderful walk through the green surroundings of the castle of Debno, a replica of the grotto of Lourdes. In the afternoon only the coordinators met again to talk about some organization items:

Next meetings and their special conditions:

Turkey: Health insurance, we are not in the EU. Arrival by Istanbul or by Ankara, there is a bus from Ankara to Kayseri (4,5 hours) . We preferred the Hotel in the City. We will discuss and read the second version of the texts and choose the songs for the musical. A very expensive tour to Cappadocia will be planned if the guest will give some money in addition.

Italy: Arrival by Naples or Rome, then express train to Naples. Perhaps the date will be one week later than scheduled. From Naples to Ariano Irpino by bus.

Spain: Arrival by Malaga, two day excursions to Cordoba and Granada will be planned if the guest will give some money in addition.

Germany: Arrival by Köln or Düsseldorf, also possible by Dortmund or Eindhoven (NL). Date of the meeting was fixed to 29th of May to 4th of June 2016. Excursions to Düsseldorf (Neanderthal), Köln (Dom) and Aachen (Charlemagne) will be planed you can choose two of three.

Evaluation: Please sent back the filled in Questionnaires in the next four weeks.

Next steps with our Musical until we'll meet again:

  • There must be some help for preparing the work in Turkey,
    I am not a Music teacher :-)

  • Do we need a professional translation? No

  • Second version, please send it to me until the end of your school year to me. Second version means a revision of the first version and suggestions for the other parts of the musical.

  • Please send me some reports or impressions of the students of this first big meeting or press articles if you succeed in persuade them to write something about our meeting.

  • Pay attention to the deadlines for the report of the first year to your National Agencies, which are different in every country.

  • Collect music for our musical and typical music of your country and bring it with to Turkey.

  • Contest: Composition of an original song for the musical with the text “Join us and Move”

  • The titles of the chosen songs please sent to Spain, because the Spanish Music teacher wants to decide whether they are playable for students or not.

Then all work was done and we could enjoy our last evening.