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This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!

Report of our Work in Kayseri, Turkey

On Sunday all delegations arrived in Kayseri. The students went to their host families and the teachers to a Hotel in the Centre of the City.

Monday: We started with “getting to know each other” at school. Then we watched the presentations of music in different countries and about the last meeting in Poland. The Lithuanian group and the Italian group taught us to sing some songs of their country. And our host welcomed us with very beautiful dances and music of Turkey. After a break the pupils went to their lessons and the teachers were welcomed by the headmaster and exchanged some gifts from their countries. We had lunch at school served by very friendly Turkish girls. In the afternoon the teachers and pupils (in different groups) went to the city and saw a lot of interesting historical places and the busy bazaar. Then we tasted the Turkish kitchen in Hacibaba (Holy father).

Tuesday:In the morning the work started with shortening the scenes of our Musical for the international English version. Every group of teachers of one country worked on the text of the Musical on their own, then we compared our results and in the end get 20 scenes left. Afterwards the most important part began: What about music? The Spanish teacher performed a melody. The German teacher has some lyrics. We got some instruments from the Turkish school. After lunch at school we decided to leave the school and go to the Hotel because there was a piano we were allowed to play. Oh no, not we, but Pierre the German music teacher played the piano, Pedro the Spanish music Teacher the guitar and Alper the Turkish music teacher had brought with him some instruments like sitar and drums. It started an unforgettable music session and in the end we had the title song “Join us and Move” of our Musical composed and texted in a very musical manner. We were all happy and the coordinator secretly polished off a few tears. But that was not the end of a wonderful day. We (in country groups) were invited to the families of some teachers to learn about the hospitality, the way of living and the typical meals of a Turkish family. After a delicious dinner and lively discussions comparing life in our homeland and in Turkey we felt to be part of the family and got some gifts when we said good bye. Thank you once more to Aishe and Ismail and all the others.

Here we proudly present the lyrics:

Join us and Move

We want to live in peace and freedom
We want to share our beliefs
Never again a war in Europe
And we shall live safe and free

Join us and move
Come feel the groove
We will be friends for ever
Join us and move

We want to live in peace and freedom
We want to be one family
The world’s a nice place to life in
And we shall liv safe and free


We want to live in peace and freedom
Let’s try to build a place for all
So never ruin what we created
And you will live safe and free

Refrain (2x)

Never again a war in Europe
And we shall live safe and free

Wednesday: We spent the whole day in Cappadocia. All teachers and pupils entered the bus in the early morning and after a ride through the landscape around Kayseri we arrived at Nevsehir, in a underground city for refugees in former times, we stopped at a natural terrace and could have a look down in the valley of Göreme with Fairy Chimneys, we visited a workshop in an artistically pottery, we had lunch with a over boarding buffet, more interesting landscapes, Christian churches of Armenians in an out door museum, we could ride on camels and at least we saw dancing dervishes in an old caravanserai. I hope I haven’t missed something or mixed it up; there were so much interesting new experiences and impressions in one day. We have to come back to this extraordinary place. Back at Kayseri we tasted the Iskender kebab.


Thursday: In the morning the teachers worked again at the music for our Musical. We decided which songs will be played and sung in which scene in the international English version.

IT  Scene 1   1945   End of World War II                   Noise, sounds of war
IT  Scene 2   1957   Schuman Plan and Treaty of Rome       Imagine, John Lennon
IT  Scene 3   1961   Berlin Wall                           Drum sounds

DE Scene 4 1964 Ankara Contract Turkish March, Mozart DE Scene 5 1968 Prague Spring / Year of Protest Blowing in the wind, Bob Dylan DE Scene 6 InterRail / 1. Enlargement Join us and move 1. part
ES Scene 7 Democracy for ES, PT, GR Join us and move 2. part ES Scene 8 Solidarnosc new song ??? ES Scene 9 The 80ies 2. and 3. Enlargement I want to break free, Queen
LT Scene 10 1987 Erasmus Come together, John Lennon LT Scene 11 1989 Lithuania and Singing Revolution Movie with music LT Scene 12 1989 Berlin Wall falls Wind of change, Scorpions LT Scene 13 War in Yugoslavia Drum sounds
PL Scene 14 4. Enlargement Join us and move 3. part PL Scene 15 2002 Euro Money, money, ABBA PL Scene 16 More and more Enlargements Join us and move, full version
TR Scene 17 Lisboa: Declaration of Human Rights Song of Joy TR Scene 18 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Song of Joy TR Scene 19 2016 Open End Drum sounds

Then we met again with the pupils to have a common rehearsal of our title song “Join us and Move”. After lunch at school we drove to the mountains. The Erciyes Dağı Mountain is an extinct volcanowith a height of 3900 m. There is a huge ski resort in expansion with 18 ski runs and lifts. A wonderful sky resort and very cheap for families. In the evening we were at an old restored part of the city in a very picturesque restaurant.


Friday: In the morning the teachers had the opportunity to visit some lessons, while the coordinators talked about some organization details. After lunch we got back to the City and had some free time to get souvenirs in very good smelling herbandspice shops. In the evening there was waiting another surprise:
We ate in a beautiful restaurant and then we were driven to a sight seeing terrace at the hill and afterwards to Talas and old part of the town where sat in a tearoom listening to Turkish music. It was very hard to say good bye after all these happy days.

Meeting of the Coordinators and the Results

Next meetings and their special conditions:

Italy: Arrival by Naples or Rome, then express train to Naples. Perhaps the date will be one week later than scheduled. From Naples to Ariano Irpino by bus.

Spain:Arrival by Malaga or Madrid, then by train, bus or taxi.

Germany: Arrival by Köln or Düsseldorf, Maastricht or Eindhoven (NL). Date of the meeting was fixed to 29thof May to 4thof June 2016. Hotel quite expensive, if desiredaccommodationinteacherfamilies.

Interim Report: All of us had sent it to the agencies but most of us hadn’t got any answer.

Evaluation: Thank you for filling up the evaluation forms. Next form for the meeting in Kayseri will be mailed soon.

Next steps with our Musical until we'll meet again:

  • Ideas for costumes

  • Ideas for stage decoration

  • Ideas for background screen presentation

  • Record movies of Rehearsals

  • Preparations for the international English version in Spain

  • Sharing the music of our title song

  • Feed back to the beginning of the Instruction book

  • Promotion:

    • Try to get Press articles about our trip to Kayseri
    • Contact Europe directe in your country (material)
    • Contact to the Parlamentarium in Brussels (Germany)
    • Contact to Politicians in your region