ErasmusDays 2020

In Germany we are a completely new group of students working in the ErasmusClub.

We always meets on Tuesday afternoons. For ErasmusDays 2020 we had a lot of ideas we couldn't realise because of the pandemic.

At the end we tried to to something like „ART & EAT“ to remind the school community of us again, even when we cannot travel.

ART means we want to bring different colours to a passage to our cafeteria, which consists entirely of glass walls and has a glass roof. Colours means Variety and are a quotation of the carpet in a conference room in Brussels.

ART means also a motto of EVA painted on a banner:

Here you can see us working:

EAT means on the last day of school we traditionalle walk 15 km through the nearby forest „Volksgarten“ and after 10 km we gave 800 apples to the students and teachers to remind them of EVA (Adam and Eve with the apple, you know! ;-))

best wishes from Germany