Impressions of our Meeting in Pärnu, Estonia

2/02/2020 – SUNDAY Arrival day

3/02/2020 – MONDAY Getting to know each other

9:00: welcoming ceremony + concert in the school’s assembly hall

9:45: presentations about Estonia, Pärnu and Pärnu Ühisgümnaasium;

10:30: coffee break in the canteen of the school

10:45: Ice Breaker Games

13:30: film „Singing Revolution

about the importance of singing and the main values for the Estonians

16:00: walk to the beach

4/02/2020 – TUESDAY Workshop and rehearsal day

8:30: workshop „Estonian music“

9:45: GROUP A (German and Portuguese team + hosting Estonian students)

workshop „Argumentation and Debating“ Cards you can get here.

13:30: GROUP A (German and Portuguese team + hosting Estonian students)

rehearsal for the song festival

14:15: workshop + discussion „Phenomenon of Hate Speech; Radicalisation in the
world and in Europe; Problems related to immigration in Estonia and
some solutions“ Memes against hate speech

16:00 Visit of the Muuseum Pärnu

5/02/2020 –WEDNESDAY Day in Tartu, the cultural capital of Estonia

6/02/2020 – THURSDAY Song Festival day

8:30: For students only: workshop: „How media affects our arritude towards immigration?“

9:30: workshop on art and values „Shoe-Fish“

At the same time: soundcheck (one team at a time)!!!

11:30 : lunch break

12:30: song festival „Songs of Various Nations“

14:30: coffee table for the participants of the festival

15:30: certificate ceremony

16:00: freetime

18:00-22:00 – farewell party of the project and „Evening of Cultures“

7/02/2020 – FRIDAY Day in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia

It was a wonderful week!