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Dissemination of our Project EVA in Turkey. October 2021

Erasmusdays in Germany: Apples from EVA during the sponsor run

Meeting in Turkey:
Presentation Turkey
Presentation Bulgaria
Presentation Germany
Movie of our Meeting in Gaziantep

German students talk about discrimination

Dissemination of our Project EVA in France. July 2021

Portuguese contribution to our collection of scenes, Vatentines Day

Estonian contribution to the International day of Tolerance

Europe Day 2021

Pictures of our Conference

The Video of our Conference

The padlet to our Conference

International Women's Day 2021 Germany and Portugal

International Day of Tolerance 2020 Germany and Portugal

Trivial Pursuit for EVA: Instruction and rules, Flags, Game board, Questions

Travelling with your finger on the map of Europe Instruction

Erasmusdays 2020 in France, Turkey, Estonia, again Estonia, Portugal and Germany

Games according to tolerance

September 2020: We have to postpone all our meetings to the next school year but we share our project activities that we do at home and discuss them on e-Twinning.

Portuguese Impressions of the meeting in Estonia Flyer and Impressions
Portuguese Reviews of the movies about Tolerance 1 , 2 , 3 , 4


Ideas of Estonian students: 1 2 3 4 5

We had to postpone the meeting in Portugal from May to November.

Activities between the meetings in Pärnu and Resende

Dissemination in local media

Activities during the meeting in Pärnu

The Festival of various Nations: Pics

Video of the Concert

Activities between the meetings in Mönchengladbach and Pärnu

Presentations of our problems with migration, minorities or refugees

Workshop Identity Flags

Presentation of the teachers workshop in MG in December 2019

Dissemination in local media

Meeting in Mönchengladbach in December 2019

Day of Tolerance 16.11.2019

Our LOGO Contest

Erasmusdays 10/11/12th of October 2019

The date of the second Meeting has been fixed in August 2019

The date of the first Meeting has been fixed in July 2019

The Homepage of our Project started in July 2019

The Approval of our Project came in June 2019

This Project is sponsered by Erasmus+ within the Education Programme of the European Commission. Thank you!!!